Development Activities

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The Department of Town Planning, a technical arm of Ministry of Urban Development, Government of Arunachal Pradesh is responsible for regulation of planning, designing and implementation of various process of development in the field of urban and regional planning such as master plan, development plan, and infrastructure planning. The Department of Town Planning is authorized to operate the development norms, byelaws, acts, regulations, articles, etc. and to check the unauthorized, unorganized and haphazard growth of the towns. The Department of Town Planning has started its early operation towards planned development of new towns and renewal of old towns. To strengthen the development process the Department of Town Planning, GoAP has enacted various acts, norms, regulations and byelaws.
In order to regulate the directives of Seventy Fourth Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992, under 12th Schedule of Indian Constitution the Department of Town Planning, Government of Arunachal Pradesh has adopted various statutes. The present activities of the department are highlighted in the following forms.


Name of the Reforms Agendas Name of Reform made by Department of Town Planning, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh Status of Implementation as on 30th September 2011
Implementation of 74th Constitutional Amendment Act
Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Act.2007 Notified
Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Election Act, 2009 Notified
Arunachal Pradesh urban & Country Planning Act 2007 Notified
Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Discloser Act, 2009 (Act No.3 of 2009) Notified
Arunachal Pradesh District Planning Committee Act, 2011 Notified
Arunachal Pradesh Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2011 Notified
Arunachal Pradesh internal earmarking of budget for Urban Poor Rules 2011. Notified
Arunachal Pradesh Urban Poverty Profiling and Strategic Plan Rules 2011. Notified
Arunachal Pradesh Municipal elections Rules 2011 Notified
Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Delimitation of Ward Rules 2009 Notified
Arunachal Pradesh Reservation of Urban Land for Housing of Urban Poor Rules 2011. Notified
Arunachal Pradesh (Conversion of Agriculture Land for non agricultural purposes in rural areas) Rules 2011. Notified
Arunachal Pradesh Building Bye –Law 2010. Notified
The Arunachal Pradesh Municipal (Reservation and Election to the office of Chief Councillor, Deputy Chief Councillor, Municipal President, Municipal Vice-President ) Rules, 2011. under active consideration of State Govt.
74th CAA (Constitution of MPC) Not applicable (Municipal election for Itanagar and Pasighat shall be conduct during current financial year) 2011-12.


Perspective/Approaches of Plan Development Ongoing Project in the State Status of the Project
Reginal ...... .......
Master Plans Itanagar Master Plans, District Papum Pare, Arunachal Pradesh Under preparation
Longding Master Plan ; Headquarter Longding District,Arunachal Pradesh
Pania Township Master Plan, District Papum Pare, Arunachal Pradesh
Development Plans The plan seeks precise development under blueprint of Master Plan and prepared for a period of 5 years. This can be applied in urban & rural areas under governing acts of APUCPA, 2007.
City Development Plans CDP mainly prepared in urban areas for new development as well as redevelopment of a town. Haphazard growth, decay of urban areas, slumming, unorganized growth, etc are required for city development plan.
Project Planning Infrastructure planning, urban area renovation, slum area redevelopment, aesthetic planning, urban environment modification, etc.


The Constitution (Seventy Fourth Amendment) Act, 1992, made it clear mandatory to state governments to constitute municipalities. The Department of Town Planning, GoAP has enacted Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Act, 2007, Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Election Act, 2009 prior to constitution of Municipalities in the state. Elections for Itanagar and Pasighat Municipality was conducted on 16th May 2013 in the initial phase and municipal council has been formed. Municipal Chief Councillor will head the Municipality. Municipalities in other township will be formed subsequently.


Presently state has 27 (twenty seven) notified urban areas (Tawang, Dirang, Bomdila, Rupa, Seppa, Itanagar, Naharlagun, Sagalee, Ziro, Koloriang, Daporijo, Basar, Aalo, Yingkiong, Boleng, Pasighat, Roing, Anini, Namsai, Tezu, Hawai, Longding, Deomali, Miao, Khonsa, Changlang and Jairampur). The areas including Sejoisa, Balukpong, Kimin, Katan, Geku, Mariyang, Ruksin, etc under process for urban area notification.


This Act signifies the safety and security and general well being of the community. Therefore, to regulate this all building construction (residential and non-residential) in the state have been made compulsory to acquire building permits. In the first phase the enforcement of building byelaws has in introduced in Capital Complex. In the due course of time, the building byelaws shall be made mandatory for all the notified urban areas in the state.


National Urban Information System (NUIS) a widely central sponsored scheme operating in the state since 2006. In the first phase Daporijo and Aalo have been covered.